About Us

"I first started making candles while I was working on my chemical engineering degree. We have a high-vaulted ceiling and could never really smell any of the candles we lit. I thought to myself, 'I bet I could make a better candle.' It wasn't as easy as I initially thought it was going to be, and two years later I was finally satisfied with making the best candle out there."

- Jeremy Eib, creator of the Napa Valley Candle Co. secret formula


Napa Valley Candle Co. is a family owned and operated company, started by husband and wife team Jeremy and Britn Eib, and their baby, Everett. The idea came about in 2015 when Jeremy was getting his degree in chemical engineering. Out of frustration from a wide variety of underperforming candles, he began a mission to create a better candle through chemistry. Accompanied by his wife and sommelier, Britn, the two succeeded in the process of creating the perfect candle: a fragrant, stably-burning masterpiece. After rave reviews from family, friends and strangers alike, the two officially incorporated into an LLC in July of 2017, and have since enjoyed spreading a love for candles (and wine country!) everywhere they go.



"Burning my Dragon's Blood candle this afternoon. My ENTIRE house smells sooooo gooooood!!!!"

- A. Smith, June 21st, 2018 (Facebook Reviews)  


"I love these candles they are amazing! Soap too! Highly recommended!!!!"

- A. Anderson, May 18th, 2018 (Etsy Reviews) 


"Love, love, love, every candle and soap I have purchased from here! Shipping has always been fast. I will continue to purchase from here!"

- K. Stuart, April 22nd, 2018 (Esty Reviews)


"I really love this candle! It smells so wonderful, and burns very clean. I have burned it for hours and have used only a small amount, it will last a long time. I will order more!"

- A. McClure, April 2nd, 2018 (Etsy Reviews)